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Up Next in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks with Rudy Hunter

  • A Changing Card

    A DOUBLE-FACED card, say AH-KD, is placed second from the bottom in an ordinary pack, with the KD side as the back of the card and the real AH on the bottom of the pack. Thus prepared, execute a riffle shuffle, leaving the two bottom cards as they were. Make the Hindu shuffle, asking anyone to ca...

  • A Transposition

    ON THE bottom of regular pack place the KD, and next to it a double-faced card, AH-KD, with the KD side showing. Borrow a hat, show the two bottom cards and drop them from the pack into a hat, but awkwardly and visibly let another card fall also. Remove the double-faced card as the KD and place i...

  • One-Way Back Design

    THIS term is applied to cards the backs of which are so patterned that if after they have been arranged exactly the same way of the reversal of a card, end for end, can be detected by the difference in the pattern. The principle is by no means a new one but Charles Jordan was probably the first t...