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  • Controlling Several Cards

    BRING the duplicate of the first card to the top as already explained, leave the chosen card in the first spectator's hands and go to a second person. When he draws a card do not pass the upper portion to the bottom as before, simply lower the top packet to the side of the lower one and with the ...

  • Card into Pocket

    A FAKE is required consisting of two pieces of cardboard, a little larger than a card, fastened together around two sides and one end byadhesive tape or pasted paper. There should be space enough between the pieces of cardboard to take three cards. Half an inch from the top of each piece and midw...

  • One in Four

    THE plot of the trick is the usual one. Four A's are placed on a table and three indifferent cards put on each. One pile is chosen, the A's vanish from the other three piles and all four are found in the pile selected. The use of double-faced cards makes the trick easy to work and very convincing...