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  • Scarne's Topsy Turvy Cards

    Scarne's Topsy Turvy Cards was the brain child of John Scarne and Bob Hummer. Simon demonstrates the original version of this trick, after which he performs one with his own little twist. When the trick has been completed, the cards in both of your piles will be all mixed around, up and down... o...

  • Topsy Turvy with a Chosen Card

    Topsy Turvy is a great way to do the face up and down prediction move, but it's not the only way to do this that Scarne and Hummer ever created. This move uses the cards in a slightly different way, though. Instead of mixing the deck up even more, you'll be sorting it out completely... well, all ...

  • You Just Ran Out Of Cards

    This is a seriously killer trick. One that is very worth being called a Dominatrick. A race to see who runs out of cards first, you or the spectator. As their last card is drawn, it'll become clear that you were one step ahead the entire time.