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Card Warp

Card Warp

Prepare to learn a card trick that your audience will remember forever. Ben Salinas is a master with close-up magic. There’s nothing special about these cards. They are truly ordinary until their fate goes into hyper speed. The cards are turned inside-out, upside-down and every which way as they travel through the magical time machine and miraculously go back in time. You tear up the cards and anyone can inspect them. There will be nothing for them to find among the scraps. Ben also teaches “Close-Up 21” and “Quick Tricks.” This is a fantastic effect for beginners wanting to build a magic routine.

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Card Warp
  • Card Warp Performance

    They always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and the same can be said about cards. One of these cards can flip around however they want. As a red card is pushed through a folded blue card…it reverses itself so the face-up side becomes face-down. It’s really a wild sight to see. The end...

  • Card Warp Secret

    Get ready for an easy trick with a five-second setup that will fool even pro card magicians. Use a royal court card and a lower number card so there’s visual contrast between the two when they are face-up. Rip the court card up from the long side edge along the center, stopping at the middle. Fin...

  • Card Warp Performance with Spectator