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Cards in Balloon

Cards in Balloon

Have you ever wanted to perform an effect that people will remember forever? A balloon is filled with air, then slowly pressed onto a deck of cards. As the balloon slowly deflates, the deck seems to defy the laws of physics by appearing to be trapped inside. This trick can be performed using many different objects with four corners such as a smartphone or small box of candy.

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Cards in Balloon
  • Cards in Balloon - Performance

    It’s time to learn from a famous master magician! Make a deck of cards completely penetrate into a regular balloon. The best part…you can take this trick anywhere you go. And it doesn’t have any difficult moves to learn. Reza has made a name for himself in the world of magic entertainment, perfor...

  • Cards in Balloon - Secret

    Science meets magic in this crazy trick reveal. All you need is a normal sized balloon and any deck of cards to begin. You can also use a spectator’s cell phone as a memorable prop instead of a deck. Whatever object you choose must have four corners. Blow up the balloon to a normal size. Hold the...