Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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  • Money in the Hand

    Simon has 36 cents in his hand. 36 cents and one of the coins is NOT a quarter. Again, to reiterate that point... one of the coins is definitely NOT a quarter. So what are the coins in his hand, then? How can they equal 36 cants if one of them is not a quarter?

  • Same Birthday

    What are the odds that in a room of 30 or so people, that two of them would have the same birthday? According to Simon, the odds are 3 to 1 in his favor... but, you'll just have to trust him on that one. If that one didn't get you, Simon has one more little word trick that's sure to stoop you and...

  • Bill Drop

    Do you have a problem with letting money slip right from between your fingertips? Like, no matter what you do, you can't help but lose your money? Well, maybe you have a money spending problem... or, it could also be that you just lost another bet to Simon. If you have to buy him another drink th...