Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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  • The Most Unique Object in the World

    Can you think of any object throughout the world and its history that no one has seen before... and will never, ever see again? Does any crazy historical artifact come to mind? One of Indiana Jones-esque proportions? Nothing? Really... because Simon has just that, and you might feel a little mad ...

  • Moving Water

    Simon teaches you how to transfer water from a saucer into a cup... but of course, there is a catch... as always. Your spectator isn't actually allowed to touch the saucer... or use a straw... or any other little loopholes they may be thinking of.

  • Tower Of Pi

    it's time to put your math skills and know-how to the test again. This time it's with a little bit of a more advanced subject matter than just adding and subtracting, though. The circumference versus the height of a glass. Nobody will ever be able to beat this bar betcha, even if they are really ...