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Arm Twist

Arm Twist

You don't have to be double jointed to shock your audience with this unforgettable effect. Place your hand on a table, and ask a spectator to follow along with your movements. They will freak out when you suddenly twist your arm around in an impossible way they cannot repeat. Your spectator will be way too involved playing along that they will never figure out the method. Everyone will start to question what other crazy tricks you can do with your arms next. This can be performed to great comedic effect for both close-up and stage shows.

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Arm Twist
  • Arm Twist - Performance

    Want to have a trick ready for the audience that craves something shocking? Master Magician, Reza, has prepared this just for you! It’s a fantastic effect to do with a volunteer following your every move, except they won’t be able to replicate your final move. Show them how everyone has a limit w...

  • Arm Twist - Secret

    Setup: You don’t need any special jackets or magic props to perform this effect. However, it usually works best with long sleeves so the audience cannot see the position of your elbow, which could give away the method. Follow along with the arm positions shown by Reza and be careful to not injure...