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30 Secret Card Tricks: Powerful & Easy to Learn

30 Secret Card Tricks: Powerful & Easy to Learn

You’re invited to watch and learn with one of the most accomplished card performers working today. Magic expert, Rudy Hunter, reveals the steps on how to perform each effect just for you. He’s dedicated to helping grow your confidence as you learn more magic. Rudy’s “New York Opener” is an amazing and quick routine to start any show. His abilities to explain things in great detail are very helpful for any aspiring magician. This course shows 30 breathtaking card tricks we know you’ll love. “Crazy Aces” and “Jackrobatics” are some of the best tricks in this series. You’ll be surprised to discover how many interesting secrets are waiting for you to find them! Then you’ll be ready to create your own variations and express each trick with your personality.

30 Secret Card Tricks: Powerful & Easy to Learn
  • Introduction: Secret Card Tricks

  • New York Opener Performance

    Some decks have the power to completely transform right before your eyes. A red-backed deck is shuffled. Then a card with a blue back is removed from your pocket and added in the middle of the deck. The real kicker for this trick is fascinating, somehow the entire deck changes to be blue-backed! ...

  • New York Opener Secret

    Use this effect to open any card magic routine if you want to make it very memorable for your audience. This effect uses the easy-to-learn Hindu Shuffle that makes it appear all of the cards have red backs. They will think they are seeing a variety of cards with only the red back color. In fact, ...

  • New York Opener With Rudy Hunter - Powerful Trick to Get Started

    The "New York Opener" is the card trick that will tell your audience you are serious about your magic. Not to mention, people will talk about how you rocked their minds.
    Results: High Level
    Skill Level: Anyone Can Do This Miracle With Cards

  • Quick and Easy Triumph

  • Jackrobatics Performance

    Get ready to wow your audience this card trick, that is guaranteed to steal the show. Not only is it easy to learn and enjoyable to perform, but it's also a stunning visual masterpiece that will stay in the forefront of your audience's minds. Meet the highly talented four jacks, each with their o...

  • Jackrobatics Secret

    Prepare to take your magic abilities to the next level in just a few short minutes. You'll feel a newfound sense of empowerment as you add this incredible trick to your show. Renowned magician, Rudy Hunter, is about to take you on a journey behind the curtain, revealing the secrets to his most me...

  • Vanishing Deck Performance

    Sometimes cards suddenly disappear. But have you seen an entire deck vanish? We know you’ll be using this effect as a finale for some of your card magic routines. You spread out the deck on the table and ask your volunteer to choose two cards. Cut their cards back into the pack and give it a shuf...

  • Vanishing Deck Secret

    Setup: All you need is a regular deck of cards and a cloth napkin or handkerchief. This effect only requires you to easily control the location of the selected cards. Rudy Hunter shows you how to perform two versions of a false shuffle.

    When your spectator returns their selected cards into th...

  • Crazy Aces Performance

    We all know aces are very tricky cards. They can make or break fortunes at the poker table; and can be high or low value in several card games. But aces never got lost. They always know exactly where they’re going next within a deck of cards.

    You deal the four aces face-down onto the table. In t...

  • Crazy Aces Secret

    We guarantee your audience will be wondering exactly how you know to control such crazy aces. This card trick takes a little practice with the handling, but you will soon include it in your card magic routine. All you need is a regular deck of cards. There’s no special deck required for this effe...

  • A Lady up My Sleeve

  • Impossible Poker Stack

  • Top Stock False Shuffle