Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Spring Shift

Shift - 22 Card Passes • 1m 48s

Up Next in Shift - 22 Card Passes

  • Point Pass

    Lose the chosen card anywhere in the deck. Point to the spectator and ask if they saw where their card went. They may think they know exactly where it's located, but you'll shock them when they discover that their card has mysteriously changed locations.

  • Side Slip Pass

    Here's a great pass to perform when you're sitting at a table... plus, it's really easy to do! Nevling will demonstrate how you too can effortlessly control any card to the top of the deck when you turn to face the spectator.

  • Bobble Shift and Shrug Bobble Shift V...

    First, you'll see how just a gentle bobble is all it takes for the selected card to jump to the top of the pack. Then, learn how to control any card in the deck just by confidently shrugging your shoulders. It's truly a puzzler.