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Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

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Up Next in Jaw Droppers- Volume 1: Out Of Thin Air

  • Things That Cling

    Larry demonstrates what is called a sucker trick within the magic community. A sucker trick happens when you appear to reveal your secrets to the participant, but you're really just setting them up to be fooled once again. All you'll need to fool your audience twice is a household object like a f...

  • Two-Bit Penny Pincher

    Have you ever been called a penny-pincher due to your propensity for being a little more thrifty than others? This coin trick will make that description quite literal. Impress your friends by making money appear out of what appears to be thin air.

  • Self Propelled Cigarette

    Larry shows how you can master the art of telekinesis, or at least give the impression that you have. All you'll need is a cigarette and a deep breath to convince your audience you have the power to move things with only your mind.