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Up Next in Jaw Droppers- Volume 1: Out Of Thin Air

  • Shape-shifting Silver

    Have you ever been to a restaurant that's provided 3 or more types of forks but no spoon? A special fork for your salad, another for your dinner, a fish fork and maybe even another fork for your dessert? But still, no spoon in sight? Larry has a quick remedy for that.

    This transformation can ...

  • Touched by an Angel

    For this trick, you'll need someone who believes in angels. Good and bad angels that perch on your shoulders everyday and guide you through your day-to-day life decisions.

    In order to thoroughly wow your believer, Larry demonstrates how to communicate with these heavenly guardians.

  • A Business Sandwich

    Once again, Larry presents a way to hand out your business card in a magical fashion. This prediction trick will astonish with its infallibility. You'll appear to have honed the ability to prophesy. This trick will take much less time to master than it would to teach yourself how to predict the f...