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Business Card To Dollar Bill

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The Ultimate Utility Move

Jaw Droppers- Volume 1: Out Of Thin Air • 4m 32s

Up Next in Jaw Droppers- Volume 1: Out Of Thin Air

  • Business Card To Dollar Bill

    Anderson presents an unconventional way to make an unforgettable first impression on a new boss or colleague with this Business Card to Dollar Bill tutorial. The Ultimate Utility Move will allow you to turn your spectator's hard work into a tangible reward within seconds.

  • A Snappy Coin Presentation

    Did you know that every table you've ever sat at has a soft spot? This curious spot is so delicate and fragile that it strains under the measly weight of a half dollar. The successful completion of this trick is only made possible through the application of the move just demonstrated in the previ...

  • Crayon Clairvoyance

    Have you ever suspected that you posses extrasensory abilities? Are your perception abilities beyond the terrestrial realm? No matter your answers, Anderson will show you an exceptionally colorful way to convince your audience that you have undeniably earned the status of clairvoyant.