Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Piroet Change

Hotshot with Cards: Volume 1 • 2m 57s

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  • Wink Change

    What's that old saying? In a blink of an eye, everything can change? What about what can happen in the wink of an eye? Maybe even more can change. Ben exposes the secrets behind the Wink Change, a color change that actually happens in a wink of an eye.

  • Window Change

    The Window Change is the perfect color change routine to have prepared when performing for a larger crowd. As the name implies, the magic and sleight is on full display here. A fact that not only makes it easier to see the color change take place, but also makes it easier to believe there is exac...

  • Miracle Change

    All you need to perform a Miracle Change is your own breath. Just one breath will produce such a miraculous color change that even you'll be impressed with your own skill. To accomplish this magical phenomenon, you'll need to remember the spinning double move Ben introduced in a previous video. T...