Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

S.W. Erdnase Double Transformation

Hotshot with Cards: Volume 1 • 3m 29s

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  • Winter Change

    Developed by John Cornelius in this 1970s, the Winter Change is a double, back-to-back color change guaranteed to blow spectators away with its visual appeal. Simple yet devious and sly, this color change is so smooth and fluid what's really going on beneath the surface is undetectable by the unt...

  • Flip Flop

    Ben Salinas introduces the Flip Flop, a move that commonly goes uncredited that Salinas first found in an old Linking Ring, in a routine by Dan Huffman. Huffman properly credited in one of the close-up fantasy books of Paul Harris, an extremely accomplished magician that Magic magazine listed as ...

  • Classic Pass

    The Classic Pass is most commonly used to control a card to the top or bottom of the deck, but can also be used as a fun little color change as well. You just have to be extra careful about it because unlike other color changes, you're moving a lot more cards to achieve this effect. 51 cards to b...