Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Watch this video and more on Master Magic Tricks

Introduction: Hotshot

Hotshot with Cards: Volume 1 • 47s

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  • Ed Marlo's Snap Change

    Watch as the cards instantly transform right before your eyes! Ed Marlo's Snap Change is a true classic within in the magic community. It is probably the most practiced color change in existence, and for good reason. In just a snap, you inexplicably change the appearance of a card. How do you do ...

  • S.W. Erdnase Color Change

    In 1902, S.W. Erdnase published the single most influential book on the art of sleight of hand, The Expert at the Card Table. Often called the Houdini, this is another classic color change that every magician should know. All this classic trick takes is one simple, seemingly effortless wave of yo...

  • S.W. Erdnase Double Transformation

    After you've mastered the Erdnase Color Change, you'll finally be ready to follow it up with this move: the S.W. Erdnase Double Transformation. It may be twice the work, but the payoff is well worth it. You'll transform not just one, but two cards in swift succession for twice the impact on your ...