Free Tricks to Get Started

Free Tricks to Get Started

Free Tricks to Get Started
  • Build Your Magic Skills - Are you ready?

    You are at the final destination for learning all the magic secrets of a world class magician. With access to over 4000 tricks, you will have choices from Mind Reading, Card Tricks and EVERYTHING in-between. Enjoy - Rob Stiff / Founder of Master Magic Tricks by Magic Makers

  • Fusion - The One Trick You Need to Know

    Did you ever imagine that one day you'd be able to effortlessly fuse two rubber bands together? No longer a thing of fantasy, this video will teach you how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task in just under two minutes.

    All you need to do is find a rubber band & believe in magic...

  • Bonus Cards - You'll Never Believe This

    What watch & learn a card trick you never would have expected to be possible? Join master magician Reza on learning a magic trick that you will use for the rest of your life. Enjoy

  • New York Opener With Rudy Hunter - Powerful Trick to Get Started

    The "New York Opener" is the card trick that will tell your audience you are serious about your magic. Not to mention, people will talk about how you rocked their minds.
    Results: High Level
    Skill Level: Anyone Can Do This Miracle With Cards