Expert Card Magic: Volume 1

Expert Card Magic: Volume 1

Anyone who is excited by learning card tricks should be familiar with Sal Piacente and his incredible expert card magic routines. In fact, Sal is so good at performing card magic that casinos hire him for his expertise in preventing and catching cheaters trying to bring down the house.

In this well-crafted training, Sal pulls back the curtain on some of his most powerful effects. Including the "4,5,6 Packet Tick" which is truly a show-stopping routine. In that card trick, Sal finds a spectator's chosen card in the deck that he or she has just merely thought of. Can you imagine the reaction when you make that one happen? MIND-BLOWING.

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Expert Card Magic: Volume 1
  • Introduction: Expert Card Magic Volume 1

    Rob Stiff introduces Sal Piacente, a true expert in card magic and one of the world's most authorities in the gaming industry. In this series, Sal will breakdown some of his most renowned and astonishing routines. These routines have gained Sal his fame in the inner circles of card magic and will...

  • Sal's Memory Opener

    Are you ready to memorize 13 cards in less than a fraction of a second? Think that sounds impossible? Sal will prove you wrong and soon you'll be doing the same to your audiences.

  • Sal's Ace Cutting Routine

    Sal performs his rendition of Steve Forte's Ace Cutting routine. He'll teach you how you too can learn to effortlessly cut repeatedly cut your deck to reveal all four aces, even after repeated shuffles.

  • The Marlo Opener

    Sal introduces his twist on the classic Marlo Opener. What makes his version of this older move unique? It incorporates new principles and techniques like memorization. This powerful opener will never let you down.

  • Sal's Ace Cutting Routine 2

    In this second Ace Cutting routine, there are no crimps for the audience to see. So, not only can they examine the deck all they want, they can even shuffle it themselves. This ability for the audience to be hands-on takes the Ace Cutting routine to the next level.

  • Vernon Poker Deal Revisited

    What makes this routine so powerful? It's that the climax, in the end, is actually in control of the spectator's hands. Watch and learn!